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Unite the power of color therapy, aroma therapy, creative visualization & moon phase when you choose a moon poured candle as your tool for prayer, healing or meditation.

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The phase of the moon, the sign through which the moon is passing, and planetary aspects define the perfect moment to pour a ritual candle. At the moment when the Universe vibrates with the energy of right intent, natural wax pillar candles are hand poured in one pointed attnention for specific rituals, meditations & prayer.

Mystics and occultists know the planetary day and hour for creating ritual objects impacts the spiritual power of that object. Ritual candles are poured on the best moon phase for the candle's purpose.

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The fine nuances of timing, astrology, color, fragrance and intent are all carefully considered when pouring your candle. I make every effort to ensure that you receive the most useful prayer for candle ritual possible.

Each natural wax candle is made using only appropriate herbal and floral scents. Most candles come with an affirmation skillfullly worded to help you heal your mind, body or spirit, and to empower you to re-create your future with daily repetition. Complete ritual instructions and ephemeris of the the pour are included on the label.

As a practicing Reiki Master, I instill candles with Reiki healing symbols for peace, energy, mind/body balance and distance healing. Special requests honored with advance notice. Contact Ann George before you order if you have any questions.

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Ritual candles are handled by no one but their maker
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