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Money Candle Night Pour  

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Money Candles: Attract Weatlh

The new collection of Money Candles was poured December 22 ,2015 when the Sun had just moved into the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn.

The Moon was Waxing to Full in the Fixed Earh sign of Taurus. Having the luminaries in the Earth signs makes these hand poured candles excellent tools for ritual, meditation and manifestation.

Hand pouring candles at this particular time creates a vibrational oneness of purpose making this candle very useful to help attract and nurture wealth.

Earth signs are receptive, magnetic and generating signs, thus the signs best suited to the energy of material possession.

Earth signs are the most fortunate signs in which to pour candles to attract wealth and then stabilize that accumulation.

Money Candles are hand poured in a long burning natural wax. Money candles are "money" green and scented with Bayberry & other herbal scents to attract wealth.

Money Candle: $40.00 : Night Pour

Money candles are 2" x 6" pillars are sold on first come, first served basis and sell quite quickly. As they are poured by the sings, there is a small window for making these pillars.

The affirmation included on the label is written specifically to empower you to attract money. Please follow the instructions on the label for best success.

Please understand the use of ritual candles. Many people do not realize that the "magic" is always in the mind. My affirmations are written to address limiiting ideas and replace them with "Law Of Attraction" concepts.

If used according to the instructions you should find that your relationship with money changes.


The Candles Blog has more information about the aspects of this pour.

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