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Divination Candle • Lucid Dreaming Candle • Samhain Pour • Hand Poured

divination candle poured on samhain,lucid dreaming candle
Divination Candle
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Mystics and occultists know the planetary day and hour for creating ritual objects impacts the spiritual power of that object.

This small collection of ritual candles was poured directly after Protection Candles were poured on 10/31/12. In my mystic tradition, this day is the day when the veil between the worlds is most thin.

Having stood in sacred space to pour black candles for protection, there was sufficient wax to pour just a few candles for mystics and seers intended to aid them in divination, tantric practices and scrying rituals.

This crystalline lilac pillar is scented with jasmine and lavender. Prayers and offering were made for this pour. This is intended for students of the occult who are in training. Not for amusement or ambience.


This candle ships with an ephemeris and aspects of the pour. This is for advanced candle workers. If you are new to meditation and ritual, please wait to purchase more traditional pillars. FREE SHIPPING!

For more information, please refer to the Candles Blog. Free Shipping by Priority Mail is included in the price.

All candles are sealed in bio-degradeable cellophane once they are cooled, so the arrive as fresh as the moment they were poured.

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Moon Poured Ritual candles are handled by no one but their maker
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Ann George Studios is a Green Company. We use palm oil wax from renewable resources which is purchased in bulk from local suppliers. All candles are shipped in cardboard (we purchase recycled packing boxes when possible) and packed with either cornstarch peanuts or wood shreds.
Energy saving light bulbs, recycled office papers and energy efficient appliances are used.

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