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crown chakra candle

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2" x 6"
Crown Chakra Candle



These are special order candles. They cost no more than the regular candles, but are poured at the best time to meet your energy healing need.

At various times, we may need to work to heal different energy centers in our etheric bodies. It is far better for me to pour just what you need than to make an assortment for each of the seven major chakras.

The unique affirmation included on a tri fold label (not pictured) helps you affirm your transformation, rebirth, or other spiritual desire.

Please email me to request your Chakra Candle. You might also benefit from a Remote ( or Distant ) Usui Reiki Energy Healing session. Please visit the Healing section of this site for more information about my services as an Usui Reik Master.

natural wax candles

The human energy body is composed of seven major energy wheels or chakras. Each chakra is associated with a particular color, tone, fragrance & area of the body.

The stress of everyday life takes a toll on your physical body, but also on your energy system. Some chakras are affected more than others, creating an imbalance in your aura, or energy field. Chakra meditation is a useful way to restore balance.

To help you achieve healing, Ann George pours chakra candles in each the seven Chakra colors, or a combination of these colors. Using principles of aroma therapy & herbal tradition, the selection of fragrance is determined by the healing purpose of the candle.

Click here to visit my new CHAKRA BOOK STORE for more information.

You may request a specific candle to work with various imbalances in your body. For more information on energy healing visit: The Energy Field Healing Page.


All Sales Are Final. Contact Ann George before you order if you have any questions.

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Chakra Candles are handled by no one but their maker.

Ann George Studios is a Green Company. We use palm oil wax from renewable resources which is purchased in bulk from local suppliers. All candles are shipped in cardboard (we purchase recycled packing boxes when possible) and packed with either cornstarch peanuts or wood shreds.
Energy saving light bulbs, recycled office papers and energy efficient appliances are used.

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