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mayan propehcy winter solstic candle
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2" x 6" Pillar

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Winter Solstice Candles • Mayan Prophecy • Fifth Phase
natural wax candles

This limited collection of Sacred Day candles was poured at 6:11 AM EST on the Winter Solstice of 12/21/2012. Many astrologers believe this to be a very significant solstice. The Mayan Calendar notes this date a New Beginning.

Some Native American calendars mark this day and time as the moment when our planet is aligned with the center of the galaxy. Sunrise at Stonehenge places the Sun in the center of an Ancient stone doorway.

This candle collection was poured to honor the Native timing of 4:11 Mountain Time, thus 6:11 Eastern. The Moon for this pour was Waxing to Full in Aries. The candles are poured in a natural palm oil wax which gives a feathered texture. A synergy of perfumes was used to create the custom Awakening Fragrance.

These powerful ritual tools are poured only once a year. The energy, or spiritual power that accumulates when a day is honored as sacred for many thousands of years by peoples of the world is poured into your candle.

Winter Solstice Candle : $45.00

An affirmation written specifically to help your awakening is included along with instructions for successful ritual.

The celestial vibrations, so full of power & ancient tradition make these sacred day candles truly unique.

Due to the Energetic Nature of these candles, ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

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All candles are shipped in cardboard (we purchase recycled packing boxes when possible) and packed with either cornstarch peanuts or wood shreds. Energy saving light bulbs, recycled office papers and energy efficient appliances are used.