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Energy Healing - World Views & the Human Energy Body

The Healing process from the "Western View"

Far too often in our technologically advanced culture, we come to rely on the Western view of the human body... which seems to reduce us down to organs and parts, viruses and bacteria that are isolated, diagnosed, and then treated individually to effect a cure, or a relief of symptoms caused by that single disturbance.

This is in fact a compelling and often effective way to mend the body... enabling us to continue to fulfill our responsibilities.

Too often, with the disappearance of symptoms... we return to those practices which facilitated the original disturbance in the body, and too often, we neglect to take proper care of our subtle energy bodies.

Energy Healing - The "Landscape" View

Many cultures continue to view the human body as a landscape... of meridians, or winds, or energy wheels... while other cultures acknowledge the spiritual influences on our health, peace of mind and productivity.

It is my experience that we are in fact beings composed of many subtle vibrating layers of energy, and that disturbances in these energy bodies, left unattended ultimately make their way into the densest body of all... the flesh.

Further, we can each care for these energy bodies in a variety of ways. Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Yoga, Aroma Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Massage, and Psychotherapy are healing modalities with which many people are becoming more comfortable.

Energy Healing - The "Shamanic" View

Beyond these methods are those more ancient. Often these involve a higher spiritual perception and the ability to identify the unseen influences that may be acting on a person.

Past life issues often remain in the spiritual energy body and limit our ability to fully experience this life time. We may feel as if we are plagued by a constant guilt or sorrow that has been with us since we remember.

Sometimes we just feel out of place in the modern world, as if we should have been born in another time or place. This is not uncommon, and it may be that you are struggling to resolve in this life time, issues from another.

Sometimes, an energetic presence that does not feel natural to the individual's mind stream may be affecting the environment. There are many articles on this site to help you come to a deeper understanding of energetic well-being. Please enjoy the journey.

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Distance Healing Treatments

I have published an article detailing as best as possible, the world view that facilitates an understanding of distance energy healing. Distance energy healing treatments are available by appointment.


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