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"The Hermetic Tarot" by Godfrey Dowson

tarot master This black & white Tarot deck is unsurpassed as a study deck or teaching deck. It empowers the reader to make full use of all aspects of interpretation at a glance.
Now back in print, I am happy to leave this article in hopes that the public will come to recognize this simple black & white oracle as the valuable resource it is, and perhaps create a demand for its return to publication. If you are so fortunate as to have a copy... treasure it.

The Hermetic Tarot - Qualities of Astrology

This deck is one of the few that easily reveals the planetary influences at work in a matter, or the overall spread and thus lends itself to shades of meaning relevant to the seeker's own elemental nature and birth sign. Each card is visually identified with corresponding planets, aspects, and elements. These qualities alone improve the student's ability to grasp the possibility of deeper levels of understanding in the book of Tarot ...and to expand the readers' scope of divination.

Qualities of Imagery in the Hermetic Tarot

The symbolism used is powerful and intricate.... a review of any Major Arcana reveals many influences at work. Further, the imagery is intriguing, drawing the eye and the mind into infinite possibility and facilitating psychic placement in the vast expanse of the Astral. The imagery in the Hermetic Tarot facilitates study of the Tree of Life and the Cabalistic perspective. Concepts of Force, Form and Equilibrium are graphically depicted.
The Hebrew letter associated with the Major Arcana is clearly visible on each card. The names of the angels of the decans of the heavens by day and by night are included on all the Minor Arcana. Cabalistic and Hermetic symbols that lead one into deeper understanding of the Tree of Life and the Golden Dawn appear on many Tarot. This is one of the few decks that offers two male and two female images in the Court card, in keeping with the balanced view of reality offered by the Tree of Life model.
Quality of Instructional Booklet - the Hermetic Tarot
With constant referrals to SEPHIRAH on the Tree of Life, this booklet makes it clear that the study of Tarot is a deeply spiritual process. Terse, yet thorough, each card is clearly described. Reference to the interpretation of the symbols used is clear. Interpretations of the cards are given as "Dignified" and "Ill-dignified", which in my opinion is far more freeing to the reader than the standard "Reversed" interpretations given by so many decks.
Reference is made to the Four Worlds, and the Paths of the Tree of Life in the instructional booklet... leading the student to a deeper consideration of the expansive nature of accurate interpretation. The cards are printed on sturdy stock, and have born up well after 3 years of regular use. They are of normal size, which make shuffling easy, and it is easy to determine both suit and number of each.
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