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Mystic vendors and crafts people!
Welcome to my reciprocal banner exchange.

I am happy to add your mystic goods shopping banner to this page in exchange for adding my banner to your site. New links are on line from some vendors I think are too good too miss! Enjoy the journey.

E mail me when my link is on line on your page (scroll down for a banner code to put on your page) and I will add your text or banner (be sure to send your banner code!) to my page.

To exchange banners, add my banner to your site. To do this, copy & paste the banner code below into the Source Code on your page.

<a href="" target="_blank"><IMG SRC=""
WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60" ALT="clairvoyant ann george"></a>

My banner looks like this:

clairvoyant ann george

Want to exchange links to other kinds of sites?
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Perfectly Earthly is commited to finding only the most natural, beautiful and unique gifts and stones. As well as crystal and gemstone jewelry and adorable animal figurines that you can carry with you to represent the presence of your animal totem with you all the time.


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