psychic Ann George Clairvoyant

Why Choose Ann George?

tarot master I am an honest, accurate, confidential psychic services with 20 years experience. I will come to your clairvoyant Tarot reading with no agenda, no judgment, no need, no fear, and no expectation.

I will always conduct your tarot reading in a sacred space, with a clear mind and in psychic attention. Whether live or by phone, all readings are completely confidential.

My goal is to give honest, accurate answers to your questions. You may ask any question. I am not here to judge you, your past, nor your lifestyle. I will honor your path by telling you the truthfull out come to the best of my ability. I will reveal the past, present and future outcome of any question you ask.

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Telephone readings are available with Ann George Sunday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern Time. To make an appointment for a reading by phone, please use my new online calendar. Scroll down for my commitment to you.
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My Goal: Accurate Tarot Readings to Empower You.

I am a question specific reader, so I don't offer "general" readings. I believe you have the ability to change your future, heal your past, and empower your present. I also strongly prefer that you ask your questions from an "active" tense. Please ask: "Show me" rather than "Will I?"
I Have Twenty Years Experience Reading for the Public.
Although I was born clairvoyant, I did not work professionaly until I was 40. Now, my goal is to use this ability of "seeing" to help you illuminate your way to greater health & happiness by answering your questions.

Please remember, if the future revealed is not pleasing to you, I will do my best to help you identify the areas in your life where you can make changes. It is much easier to receive accurate readings when asking about matters over which you have control.

Once we have completed a reading, I do not remember what was revealed during your session. If you call or e-mail later, I may remember that you are my client, but I will not remember what we last discussed. I think this is a very important advantage for you... in that your future is in process. The past is over, and your next session should not be influenced by my memories of what was previously revealed.
My Limitations - When You May Prefer Another Psychic
I am not good at finding lost objects, missing pets, or missing people. Others have this gift, I do not. I also am not able to receive lottery numbers, nor do I remove spells, hexes, curses, or do "magical work". I do not reunite lost lovers, heal relationships, or change your luck.

I do offer other services. If you need someone to listen to your concerns about your spiritual or physical well-being, I am an Usui Reiki Master who offers Distant Energy Healing. I am also able to offer and spiritual insights on matters of health, illness, death and dying. For more information about spiritual consultation services, appointments to discuss psychic development or paranormal concerns, please visit this page.

In Person Readings Are Available by Appointment. For a private in person reading please 904-993-7466 for more information. to schedule an appointment at my office in Murray Hill. If you prefer to have a Walk In session I am ofering readings at Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Room 101, in Jacksonville, Florida, 32204 on Thursday between 12:30 & 5:00. No appointment is needed, although it is always best to refer to my FaceBook page to be sure I will be in that shop.
*I am not a professional mental health counselor, nor do I offer medical advice. As an Energy Worker, I do have 25 years experience "seeing" the etheric and energy bodies. This is an holistic model, and not to be used in place of needed medical attention. I do have a FaceBook page you might enjoy. Please feel welcome to follow for updates, insights and workshop announcements.