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Hire a Tarot card reader for your party or event.

tarot master Many clients call to invite me to read for a group of friends, at a dinner party, theme party or or corporate event to benefit their employees. I am very happy to offer services in these settings. Please call well ahead of the event date to choose the types of services to offer your guests.
Please know that I am not an entertainer. There is a site where you may hire people who offer Tarot and other psychic services for fun. I am not that kind of reader. I do not offer "general readings", nor do I do group mediumship performances.
I believe that the seeker & the reader are engaging in sacred work. Your trust and confidence are very important to me as is the welfare of your guests.

Tarot party services are customized to meet your need.

It is always best to have a private room with two comfortable seats and a small table with good lighting for your event. I strongly prefer that there be a door that can close so that each guest may have their session in private.
As host or hosteess you decide how much time each guest may have in a session. I recommend at least 10 minutes and no more that 15 for a successful flow. I most always bring an assistant who will keep time, answer any quetsions your guests may have and give them tips on the best way to ask their questions.
Whenever possible it is best if party goers are able to review my website so that they may have a good idea of what to expect.

Please call me at 904-993-7466 to plan your Tarot party. I am happy to provide party service to clients in Jacksonvlle, Florida.

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