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Why Consult the Tarot? The Benefits Explained

tarot master Since the dawn of time, people have sought the advice of an oracle. The desire for clarity and insight, the need to make sense of the turmoil of everyday life and find peace with our place in the world is healthy.

The wish to understand the greater meaning of the changes we face; the desire to understand ourselves in relationship to those we love, all these are reasons to seek beyond our own mind for a glimpse of a greater plan. It is my pleasure to be able to offer you Clairvoyant Tarot consultations to meet this need. .

Call 904-993-7466 to schedule your Tarot reading. Phone sessions Sunday - Friday from 10:00 - 7:00 PM.

15 Minute Clairvoyant Tarot Reading by Phone
30 Minute Clairvoyant Tarot Reading by Phone
One Hour Clairvoyant Tarot Reading by Phone
15 Minutes:
Up to 3 Questions
Half Hour:
4 - 6 Questions
One Hour:
For Complex Matters

Clairvoyant Tarot • The Benefits

You may find it difficult to receive objective guidance, spiritual clarity, and validation of your inner feelings.
Tarot readings offer the benefit of the opportunity to see your life from an objective spiritual perspective. .

Here is a new blog article on the benefits of Tarot written for the "sensitive one" and those opening to "seeing.".

Clairvoyant tarot readings can help you get the clarity you need to create the best possible outcome for your situation. .

Tarot Readings Can Validate Your Intuitions & Provice A Second Insight

You may have a sense that the world is a multi-dimensional reality, and the lines between past and present, or here and here-after have grown thin. A tarot reading is helpful to clarify your place in time and space... presenting an overview of your path as a child of the divine unfolding..

You may seek a return to ancient rites or a reunion with mystery and power. Tarot cards, a book of life, mystery, secrets and seers can help you find your way home..

Whether you hope for confirmation that your soul has a unique purpose and your life a greater plan, or you want to move swiftly forward on your chosen path... a tarot readings will reveal the answers to your questions..

The challenge is to dare, to know, to will, and sometimes, to keep silent, listening to the answers. The tarot cards are a doorway, a portal to the astral plane, the seer's book of mirrors, which you ultimately make your own..

Why Tarot? Because it is good to heal the self, calm the mind, set your foot on a sure course... and if nothing else... hear and clarify for yourself your own mind's nature, disregarding if you will, everything your tarot reading offers. .

To Order a Consultation About Paranormal Events
For advice on paranormal phenomena, psychic disturbances, or unexplained events, you may prefer to choose a spiritual counseling sessions..

My spiritual counseling service menu has changed. Please visit my new paranormal consultaiton page for more information.
Consultations for students of Tarot, the occult, the paranormal and other esoteric courses of study are available on this page..

These sessions are not readings, but conversations designed to answer questions you may have about your own spiritual journey.
Tarot card readings are available by telephone & in person by appointment with Ann George. Phone reading hours are 10:AM - 7:00 PM EST.

In person readings are available at The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32204 on Thursday between 12:30 & 5:00 PM. You may just Walk-In on Thursday. .

If you wish to schedule a live session some other day, please call several days ahead to get the session time you prefer.
I also have a FaceBook page which you may enjoy.

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