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You may not feel as if you need a psychic reading, but prefer to have a psycho-spiritual counseling session which allows you to express and work through troubling life issues. Ann George has over 20 years experience working with clients from all walks of life who seek to create the best future possible.

Psychic counseling services, or metaphysical counseling services offer you the benefit of intuitive counseling*, the application of spiritual principles & universal laws in a session designed to help you find answers to daily living difficulties.

These sessions are available by appointment only. They are not a psychic reading, rather a beneficial dialogue that helps the client realize the best aspects of Higher Self to apply to a life situation.

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Spiritual, metaphysical or paranormal event consultations are available by appointment.

I am happy to help you process dreams, visions, omens, or other supernatural events. * Ann George is not a Licensed Mental Health Professional.

If you feel you need psychiatric services, contact a mental health professional or medical doctor.

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Please review these articles before your appointment:

Metaphysical Consultations: Help with Paranormal Events

I receive many calls & letters from clients who are concerned about paranormal events occurring in their homes, concerns about curses, bad luck, root work, jinxes and hexes as well as haunting's, ghosts & other unusual experiences.

As well, many people feel concerned because they are having prophetic dreams, are seeing visions, are having intuitions, or are experiencing other psychic events. Each case is different & it would be irresponsible of me to try to issue a one size fits all answer to these kinds of events.

The blogs I publish attempt to address some of these issues. I also offer energy healing products designed to help you regain a sense of personal power over paranormal events. If you would like to discuss your concerns with me, please make an appointment.

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