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Web Hosting Suggestions for the Small Business.

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Ann George

Welcome to my very brief introduction to web site design & the fees I charge. I hope you find this information helpful. If you want to design your own site, visit the web hosting page.

Web Site Set-Up Service includes:

  • initial consultation
  • keyword density analysis
  • organic search engine optimization
  • xhtml code
  • optimization of your images
  • clear fee structure

web site design fees


Affiliate Marketing Store

Rock n' Waterfalls

Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo

The Raktrul Foundation

The Web Site Set - Up Fee is $200 to $350 for a 3 to 5 page web site.

Your site will be built & uploaded using folders.

The creation of folders allows easy navigation by the site owner, easy expansion by a designer, and quick location of your page info by web browsers.

Web Site Set-Up Service includes:

  • all background images,
  • all navigation bars and buttons
  • page linking
  • meta tag coding
  • folders for images & graphics
  • folders for text files.

Web site evaluation.
A 15 minute consult: $20

Web Page Design Fees start at $100 per page.
Please note that a $100 web page is no longer than 1.25 web screens.

 I will help you not only with the appearance of your pages, but also with your key words & text.

Good keyword density is a must for effective search engine placement.

Web Page Design Service includes:

  • page layout
  • entering all text
  • placing all art & graphics
  • creating alternate tags for images
  • key word density analysis
  • search engine placement meta tags

On a budget? Here's a service to help you build your own.

template help

A one time search engine submission is included with your web site design.

 Remember to include your url on business cards, brochures, and voice mail messages.

I offer other suggestions to drive traffic to your site.

Web Site Design Also Includes:

  • submission of your site to the dmoz
  • submission of your site to the major search engines
  • prompt courteous service
  • no hidden fees

template help for you
Here is another option if you want to do build it yourself!

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If you want me to build your new web site please call 904-993-7466. Or E MAIL me.

Want better performance from your existing site - Ann George Studios, Inc. offers site evaluation & improvement services.

The affiliate links are provided for your review if you prefer to build your own site. I can't speak for those companies, nor their policies.

I do stand behind my work and seek to ensure your satisfaction.